Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Rubik's Cube

When I was younger I was briefly fascinated by the ubiquitous cube of colors that is the Rubiks Cube. I remember buying one, scrambling the sides, and then furiously spinning away for about a week or so before losing interest, or more accurately, giving up. 43 quintillion combinations is a lot.

Recently, while waiting for a friend to arrive at Qdoba, I stumbled into a Discovery Store. There it sat, taunting me on its freshly configured display. I had to buy one. After I ate and took my burrito induced coma nap, I tore open the hard plastic shell and was pleasantly surprised when I found...a hints sheet? Apparently, people have long since devised the proper series of twists and turns necessary to solve a Rubiks cube. After going step by step like I was putting together a long lost Lego set I had a homogeneous series of faces.

I guess if Will Smith can do it anyone can (just kidding).

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