Monday, January 15, 2007

The PayPal Wars

I just finished reading The PayPal Wars by Eric M. Jackson which basically chronicled PayPal from near day one upto its purchase by Ebay. As an entrepreneurial person, I found it extremely enlightening to see the how such a intelligent group played its hand through various trials. I had the benefit of never being to informed about PayPals history so for me most of the events were new.

I was very suprised though by Jackson's characterization of Elon Musk. From all the readings I have come accross on Musk he seemed extremely intelligent and visionary. His stuborn unwillingness to deemphasis the brand, an action that would likely have sank the ship in PayPals case, was shocking. Especially as he now is moving foward with his SpaceX (he must really like that letter) and Tesla Motors.

Anyways, if you have the chance you should pick up the book (this is not an affiliate link / spamvertisement).

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