Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Demise of The Donald

I must preface this post by noting my extreme distaste for Donald Trump. His recent attacks of Rosie O'Donnell made me recall a debate in my Intermediate Finance class. I was asked what I thought of Donald Trump to which I responded "I think Fred Trump was a brilliant man". I think his sheer lack of dignity is cause for reproach. Those who have great means should exercise humility or at least avoid attacks based on something so trite as a woman's appearance.

I went recently went to Donald Trump's blog to see if I was heard him correctly in a TV interview when he was refuting O'Donnell's bankruptcy claims. At first I was pleasantly surprised when he did not mention Rosie. Maybe he was showing restraint. The I realized that this blog was nothing more than promotional material for his laughable Trump University. I couldn't find reference to his defence against bankruptcy accusations. I think Rosie claimed he filed for personal bankruptcy when he only filed for a corporate restructuring that screwed a great many people.

I am a bit embarrassed to be suckered into this debate but today while perusing Google News, something I find more addictive than caffeine, I stumbled across Trump and the Death of the American Gentleman. The article compares him to other wealthy powerful individuals which is something not often done. I'm sure if Mr. Trump had seen it his PR sensitive mind must have been up in arms. He contributes relatively nothing to the public compared to his peers (or compared to Rosie for that matter).

The sad thing is his latest stunts may be an continuing exercise of his one true talent. Selling himself. The Apprentice will likely have boosted ratings, the semi-misogynistic, wanna-be wealthy demographic that his books and tutorials target will probably be more inspired, and he has successfully wasted more of everyone's time.

My one conclusion: If Barbara Walters stand against you (or more accurately stands by someone you have ridiculed) you have probably crossed a line.

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