Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hello, World!

I have tried, and failed, several times to start a successful web log. Initially, I find the experience liberating but my interest quickly wanes and my account falls to the wayside. As a knowledgeable programmer the chain of events always begins with me torn between developing my own blog application, downloading someone elses blog software, or using a hosted blog service. This time I am just going to skip my internal debate and use Googles Blogger. At least they have domain hosting now.

Moving along. I will pretend you are interested to know that my blog will feature writings on politics, science, programming, business, and probably anything. I am posting as Obfusicated Coward in a nod to the popular SlashDot scheme of recognizing someone who does not wish to be recognized. If you really took a few minutes you could figure out who I am. Blogging is not really anonymous. It is more obfuscated.

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